Friday, April 27, 2007

The ? Revisited

"While John records the characteristics of seven distinct churches, I believe they had one common fault. That fault is the same one that plagues the church today. That fault is without question, the reason the church has removed herself from the fight. It is why she can not even muster a good argument against the evil practices that proliferate in our society. Can you name that one characteristic, that one flaw, that one sin, that has given rise to the degradation of our nation?" Excerpted from my 03/25/07 post, the beginning of this study on the 7 churches of Asia.

The church of Laodicea is the last one of the 7 mentioned in the first three chapters of Revelation. Of the seven, I believe it failed more miserably than the rest. Certainly the one common flaw/sin of the churches was more blatant in the Laodicean church.

Until I can finish that post, The Thunderer has suggested two excellent posts to augment this study. See the following links:
Chet Swearingen's 04/16/07 post
and the 04/27/07 post of PyroManiacs

Shane writes of a church that would fit right in the mix. See his 02/02/07 post at Caffeinated Thoughts.


C. H. Green said...

I wish I had time to visit all these...

Heidi said...

Interesting. I can't wait to see your follow up.

SLW said...

You got me on the edge of my seat waiting. God bless.

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