Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Church of Pergamos

Revelation 2:12-17

Christ's introduction: One who holds the sharp two-edged sword. One who knows where they live both physically and spiritually. Rev 2:12,13
Reveals: Christ equipped and ready to separate the false prophets from the true.

Affirmations: Some had been faithful to Christ in days of persecution and martyrdom.

Faults/sins: The church tolerated people (perhaps leaders) who held to false and seducing doctrines.

Instructions/Penalties: Repent. Christ will do battle and cut down the unrepentant.

Promises to overcomers: will receive some of the hidden manna- strength for the days ahead; a white stone w/a new name on it- no longer will they be known as part of a sinful divided church; the new name that only they will know may indicate that only they will understand the full meaning of their new name. Much like the person who is saved is the only one that knows the fullness of his own pardon. That new name will show the overcomer's relationship w/Christ.

Application: God is not pleased w/a church divided. Those who tolerate false doctrine are just as guilty as those who pedal it.

This church could be characterized as a politically correct church, tolerating false doctrine at the expense of Christ's approval.

---Again, I want to say that these posts are not meant to be exhaustive in anyway, there is much more to explore in regards to the geography, culture, historical data, etc. These are merely gleanings taken directly from the text.


Bobby Cohoon said...

good thoughts!


Heidi said...

I think it is really great that you are doing a study of the churches. I find that it really helps in understanding the text a lot better.

Do you do requests? How about Hebrews?

Even So... said...

He is risen indeed!

Sista Cala said...

thank you friends. It is a joy to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord, together.

Heidi, I'm not quite ready for requests. But I am flattered that you asked. Q & A is a format I may try sometime.

C. H. Green said...

Oh I think you could handle Hebrews. I'm enjoying these posts. Miss talking to you lately. We've had Dad back to the doctor yesterday. Had to make him go under severe protest due to Home Health saying they could not see him otherwise. Had a quiet Easter. How was yours?

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