Saturday, April 21, 2007

Church of Philadelphia

Revelation 3:7-13

Christ's Introduction: The Holy One, the true One, the One w/the key of David
Reveals: His purity and righteousness, His control over the doors of the kingdom. vs 7

Affirmations: Some strength, faithfulness to the Gospel and to the name of Christ vs8,
patience vs10

Faults/sins: No direct indictments against them. Verse 8 could indicate that they had a dim vision of what God was calling them to do. He declared plainly that the door He had opened, no one could shut. Somewhat like saying I have cleared the way, now complete your journey.

Instructions: He warned them of the coming trial/testing vs10 and of His coming. vs11
He exhorts them to hold on to what they possessed. (see affirmations)

Promises: He would humble the liars/counterfeiters and cause them to acknowledge that the church of Philadelphia was loved and chosen by Him.vs9
The overcomer would be more than a resident in His kingdom, he would be a visible testimony of strength and steadfastness. A pillar of stones was often used as a memorial to a divine appearance or intervention; like the 12 stones taken from the Jordan in Joshua 4:2-9 Furthermore the overcomer would need never to leave or be driven from the presence of God. Christ promised to write upon the overcomer 3 names; the name of God, the name of the city of God, and Christ's own name.

Link-Intro w/promises: The Holy and True possesses the key/power of the kingdom. He is the one who denies or grants the privileges of citizenship.

Application: To become a citizen of the heavenly kingdom, one must be an overcomer. To be an overcomer, one must keep the Word of God, be loyal to Christ, be patient, endure temptation, and be diligent to hold on to what they have in Christ.

This church could be characterized as spiritually sincere but existing with little progress. A church that was long in patience but short in vision.


Anonymous said...

Yes an overcomer. Let us not think we can just barely slip through.

HALFMOM said...

thanks for the comment and welcome!

what part of TN? I have family there and lived in Murray KY for several years.

Sista Cala said...

granny b, you need to email me w/your progress.
halfmom,Thanks for stopping by. I plan to get back to your site soon. I live in a small town about half way between Memphis and Nashville.

ann_in_grace said...

Very interesting series on churches.

Godzheart said...

Thats a great sense of ownership God wants for His children. Belonging to Him. His Name, His City and Christ's own name.

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