Friday, April 13, 2007

Study Tips

The word on studying the Word. Read and consider the Biblical text and context first.

In a previous post (03/27/07), I mentioned the study tools that I use most of the time. I failed to mention that I use them in the order I had listed them: Bible, Strong's Concordance, Bible Dictionary, Expositor's Commentary.

I realize there are innumerable resources available on the internet and on software; I just have not gotten up to speed on that part of the information highway, yet. The more I check out the blogrolls and links the more great stuff I am finding. One I really like and find helpful is the Webster's 1828 Dictionary. You will find it in my 'Tools of the Trade' list.

When preparing a topical study, a good concordance will be your best friend. I like using the Strong's Concordance because it includes the Hebrew and Greek words and definitions. A Bible dictionary comes in handy when you need to know the meaning of people/places names. In biblical times you knew volumes about a city or person just by their name. Not so today.

Now days people name their children all kinds of things. I know a child named Lexus Mercedes ________. How do you think that child feels being named after cars? At least they are upscale cars. Some folks may still consider their child's future when choosing their name. I have heard of one named Jabez in the past few years. Now the name is biblical alright enough, but do the parents really know what the name means. I think they just like the part about the blessings. Really, who would want to call their child, "Pain" or "Misery"?

Back to the subject. I leave the commentary for last. Yes a commentary will have scholarly material and documented facts, but it will also have stuff that is strictly opinion. As long as opinions are clearly stated as such, I have no problem using the material. Kind of like blogs. I have gleaned much in reading them; but I always weigh the information with the Word of God.


The Thunderer said...

Sounds like a fairly good process to me. Have you ever been to CCEL? You may find some stuff there that is helpful. God bless good sister.

The Thunderer said...

Sorry, Just got to the bottom of the page and I see you have. Didn't surprise me though, you really are quite a student of the Word.

ann_in_grace said...

I believe your approach is very correct. I wish I had a similar one. But my salvation directed me at once ino apologetical activity and discussions with JWs and catholics, and my bible studies have been topical to a great extent. I am also pursuing a systematic reading of Scriptures, having started in John and being currently in Hebrews. I find E-Sword a great help, as well as many other resources.

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! The graphic is, I believe a free clip art if only used on a personal blog and not for advertisement purposes.

Seeing your blog, I will be back to read more on a less busy day.

Sista Cala said...

Thanks for stopping by, your comments are most welcome.

Ann, I have gleaned some important techniques/answers from your posts. Apologetics is a tool that I need to be keep sharpened. Thank you.

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