Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Soldier Made it Home

Last November I introduced you to this Soldier of the Cross. He no longer has to battle physically or spiritually. Some would say that he is now at rest. Peace, yes. Rest...... I doubt it. He was rarely idle in this life. He spent it working in God's vineyard. Now I am sure he is rejoicing evermore.

On September 9, 2008 Reverend Vilbert Vernon McCoy quietly slipped from his earthly existence into his eternal life with Jesus Christ. I'm sure that he wasn't so quiet once he made it to the other side. He was a stalwart in the Christian faith; a church planter, pastor, evangelist, prophet, and one crying in the streets, "Jesus is coming soon".

He was 93 years old. He leaves behind his wife of 70 something years. He preached for 60 years. What a testiimony to the power of the Cross. Until recent years, he averaged preaching 5 times per week. He traveled from one corner of Tennessee to the other many many times. He preached in every jail, juvenile detention center,hospital, and nursing home along the way. He preached anywhere the door was opened to the Gospel. He distributed over 100,000 tracts. All of which he wrote and published himself.

If ever a man was passionate about souls, Uncle V.V. was.Known all over the state as Brother V.V., he was never without a scripture on his lips. Only God knows how many souls have been won into the Kingdom because he took time to preach and pray. He will be sorely missed by many.

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