Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Still Running with the Vision

This man has driven more miles, visited more inmates, prayed for more patients, worn out more cars, and written more booklets/tracts than anyone I know. And he is a 92 year old man
with his own website: V.V. McCoy Outreach Ministries: Preaching Peace, Perfecting Purpose, & Imparting the Prophetic.
He has been in full-time ministry as long as I can remember. He has planted churches, pastored many more, and evangelized from one end of Tennessee to the other. He has done mission work and served as a volunteer chaplain. I believe he has been inside of all 600 rooms at Jackson General Hospital; probably several times over. Ask any A/G preacher around here if they know Brother V.V. and they will probably have a story or two to tell you.
He has dedicated babies, performed wedding ceremonies, and preached funerals and homecomings. He has mentored and sent lay people and ministers alike. He has lived the Word of God and lived it well. And he is still living and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I don't know how much longer he will be on this earth, but I guarantee you he will not quit preaching until he breathes his last breath. It is my prayer that he leaves this life in his sleep, because I know he wouldn't want to be cut off right in the middle of a good text. (smile)
Please pray for my Great-Uncle V.V. McCoy. His wife of 70 years is now in the nursing home. She has Alzheimers and he could no longer care for her at home. His health too is beginning to wane. He was admitted into the hospital earlier this week. His heart is weak but his mind is still sharp. He quotes the Bible, chapters at a time. Prayers and prophetic words are always on his lips. Just this evening, he prayed for one of his nurses. She said he spoke the very scriptures that she needed to hear.
I just wanted to give him some roses while he is still living. I thank God for Uncle V.V. and I love him.
**** Late addition: You can find full copies of his works at this site.


SLW said...

Thank you for that great bio of a faithful servant. It was inspiring and I will remember him in my prayers this evening.

C. H. Green said...

I would like to add my 2 dozen roses here as well. Surely his reward will be great.

Singing Owl said...

S.C. I just read this. How is he doing? Ninety two!? Wow...wonderful!

God, please bless this dear child of yours. Be with him as he mourns the very real loss of his wife and faces his own limitations. Bless him as he continues to serve you and may your joy be his strength for as long as you grant him life here on earth.

Sista Cala said...

Update: He is back at home waiting on space to come available at the NH where his wife resides. Still praying, prophesying, and preaching. PTL!

Anonymous said...

I checked out his site. Looks real nice, but some of the links did not work. Does he keep it up himself?

George in Texas

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