Friday, November 2, 2007

All the King's Horses

Today I want to look at the life of Saul prior to the story of A King and a witch. as referenced in I Samuel chapter 28.

King Saul did not become a disobedient law-breaker overnight. As we look into scripture we can see a fleshly pattern forming early in his reign. I Samuel 13:7-12 gives insight to how he dealt with fear, pressure from his servants, and his own impatience. When he thought he could wait no longer on the man of God, he conducted the sacrificial offerings himself.

I Samuel 15:7-9 records additional actions that were in direct conflict with the orders of God. In his explanation to the prophet Samuel, he sought to blame the people for sparing the best of the livestock. In this he also established his bent toward deceit. The people would have only done what had already been sanctioned by the king. This instance also shows that he presumed his choice of sacrificial animals would appease God for his disobedience. This opens the way for his involvement with the occult.

Moving on to I Samuel chapter 18; we read in verses 7-15 of his jealousy of David, his envy of the blessings of David, and his fear of David as one chosen by God. He even attempted to murder David. And he did kill 85 priests in retaliation for one who had helped David.

Chapter 28 of I Samuel opens with the Philistines in array against King Saul and his army. Verse 3 of the same chapter tells us plainly that Saul had no means of spiritual guidance, godly or otherwise. He was in a strait and willing to ask for help. Verse 6 states: And when Saul enquired of the LORD, the LORD answered him not, neither by dreams, nor by Urim, nor by prophets. Saul looked for the answer to come in similar fashion as it had come before. But God was not obligated to answer the prayer of the back-slidden i.e. disobedient king.

He then sought direction in the same fashion as the heathen. Not only was he willing again to break the law of God, he was willing to break his own edict concerning wizards, witches, and such. A man is destitute when he will compromise his own integrity to save his skin.

He did not find the kind of answer he wanted. It makes no difference how you interpret the appearance of Samuel; his reply was on the mark. Rather than delve into the possibilities concerning the spirit that was conjured, I want to leave you with these observations.

Saul's position as king did not exempt him from obedience to God. His earthly possessions and power could in no way sway the hand of God. Even his past relationship as a chosen vessel of God could not curry the Almighty's favor. The prophecy concerning his kingdom would be fulfilled. Ultimately, disobedience would be listed as the cause of death for the king. Saul had pronounced his own death sentence when he broke the law of God.

  • Even in a lighted place there will always be someone who has shady connections.
  • Seeking the right answers by the wrong means will prove to be futile.
  • One must stay in right standing with God even in the absence of a spiritual shepherd.
  • Character is developed early in life and is shaped by discipline or the lack thereof.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

I've not seen the blogring of the RevGalBlogPals before. Sounds interesting.

Godzheart said...

I found in this message, the key to a believer's success or failure as a follower of his/her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is obedience integrated with patience and loads of it. All the people who made it into the faith hall of fame are people who had been given a promise of God and who had also been given a very long waiting time (Joseph, Abraham, Jacob,David, Moses, Mary..) it was their obedience in accepting that promise and their patience for it to come about in God's timing is what made them winners through a Living God.

Neat study. God Bless.

nancygrayce said...

Great study! Thanks for visiting my blog.....:)

Neva said...

Saul, like many of us, seemingly could not focus on anything that was not earthly and self-serving. Too bad, God could have made a great king out of him, too!
I am greatful that the mistakes my parents made with me and the ones I made with my children can be worked out by God to makes us all His people, people whom He will bless over and over again.
Great study.

natural medicine center said...

Ah !! Stumbled upon your blog while searching something !! you are spreading great words !! God Bless you !!

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