Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Church of Sardis

Revelation 3:1-6

Christ's Introduction: Rev 3:1 The One who has the 7 spirits and holds the 7 stars. Again, the 7 stars are the angels of the churches.

Reveals: The word 'hold' in reference to the stars/churches, indicates His control over them. As for the 7 spirits of God, the NIV footnote inserts "seven-fold Spirit of God" Regardless of which rendering is correct, the idea of the fullness of the Spirit can be drawn from the use of the number 7. Seven being the number of completion.
The words "I know" follow His introduction to each of the churches. Of course this indicates His omniscience. Nothing is hidden from Him.

Affirmations: Previous works that built a good reputation for the church. vs 1 Some good qualities remain. vs 2 There are a few saints w/pure hearts. vs 4

Faults/sins: No longer a thriving church. vs 1 Works incomplete & good works declining.vs 2
Continuing to exist as a church- under false pretense. Living in the past/reputation rather than perpetuating new life in the church.

Instructions/penalties: Wake up. Examine your condition. Instead of letting true ministry wane, build up the truth. vs 2 Remember your faith and doctrine. (what you have heard- faith comes by hearing....) Repent! Change directions. Choose faith and sound doctrine over the things that are killing your ministry. If you don't watch i.e. prepare yourself, you will be surprised as my judgements come upon you.

Promises: The pure will walk w/Christ as worthy recipients of eternal life. vs 4 Christ Himself will be witness to their worthiness. vs 5

Link- Intro w/penalties & promises: The all -knowing One will be the one to determine the churches fate; be it cursed or blessed. He has the power to release or withhold the spirits and angels to minister to the churches.

Application: A good reputation is gained through consistent service over the course of time. That reputation will become blemished and useless when the service is no longer up to par. It is better to have no reputation at all and to be building one, than to loose it through poor judgement and complacency. If a church is not thriving it is dying.

This church could be characterized as a nominal one that was content w/past experiences rather than present efforts and future goals. It could be described as 'having a form of godliness, yet denying (not possessing) the power thereof.' II Timothy 2:5


The Thunderer said...

Check out Chet Swearingen today, I think you'll find an interesting application for this study. God bless good sister.


I sure hope that I don't live on the things that I have done in the past for Christ. I want to be very active in the here and now. I want my life to count each day for Him. Thanks, connie from Texas

Saija said...

i hope your week has been good ... though i pop by your blog, i don't always leave a note - just wanted to say - blessings on ya!

liz said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and especially leaving a comment. Please stop by anytime!


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