Monday, April 2, 2007

Church of Smyrna

Revelation 2:8-11

Christ’s Introduction: Rev 2:8 The first and last, once dead, but now alive.
Reveals: Christ's eternal existence and His resurrection power.

Affirmations: Rev 2:9 works, survivors of tribulations, poverty, and slander

Faults/sins Rev 2:9 poor self-image/estimation of worth, possibly fear since they are told not to fear in verse 10

Instructions: Rev2:10 Don’t fear, be faithful through imprisionment, trials, and tribulations even unto the point of death. Forcast of severe tribulation for 10 days.

Promises to the overcomer: Will not be harmed by 2nd death, will receive a crown of life

Link of intro w/promise: Christ’s power over death will give the overcomer eternal life

Application: No matter how impoverished in this life, if we have Christ we are rich.
The resurrection power of Christ will raise the dead.
Additional references: Philippians 3:10,11 Romans 8 :11

This church could be characterized as a missionary type church that had become in-grown. A church experiencing dire hardships, and expecting more. They did however have the opportunity to overcome and receive eternal life.

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