Saturday, April 7, 2007

Church of Thyatira

Revelation 2:18-29

Christ's Introduction: Son of God, with eyes like fire, and feet like burnished bronze Rev 2:18
Reveals: His Deity as the Messiah, His eyes that penetrate and discern all things, His feet or foundation has been tried in the fire and is hardened and unbreakable.

Affirmations: good works of charity/love, service, faithfulness, and patience. He acknowledges that the church has made some advancement. Rev 2:24- some have been partakers of the false doctrine being promoted in their midst.

Faults/Sins: Allowed a false prophetess to remain in leadership; teaching a doctrine of sexual immorality and condoning participation in pagan feasts/activities.

Penalties: Suffering to the false prophetess and her followers, death to her children (those she had begotten in her adulterous relations) perhaps not only her biological children but her spiritual offspring. Each will reap the wages of their works. vs 23

Instructions: To the ones who had not followed her nor accepted the doctrine she taught: Hold on to the little discernment you do have. Don't fall prey to her deception. Don't give up the true doctrine that you possess.

Promises: No additional burden given to the righteous ones. The promises given are with the following condition: they must continue in righteousness until the end. Authority over nations means they will rule with Him. verse 27 is a quotation from Psalms 2:9 speaking of the authority and power of the Messiah. The church is also promised the morning star. The darkness of their present circumstances will be replaced with His glorious light. Rev 22:16 Christ refers to Himself as the morning star.

Application: No church or individual can have authority outside of their submission to Christ's authority. Failure to expel impostors from the church will bring suffering and death.

This church could be characterized as one that had fallen prey to an idolatrous cult leader. It was a church of compromise taking the path of least resistance.

Additional reference regarding discipline in the church: I Corinthians 5:11-13


Anonymous said...

With so many of these churchs out there today, this serves as a good reminder.

Godzheart said...

We once had to expel one of the pastors at our church in India, the whole church prayed together and though the pastor was a tough man to reason with regarding anything, God gave us peaceful victory, without any fights(which we thought we'd have).
It is so true, we like the path of least resistance, it is good to live at peace with others the best we can, but also encouraged to stand for truth no matter what.
Thank you Sista Cala.

SLW said...

Thought you might enjoy the Friday, April 27th post at Pyromaniacs. God bless.

Sista Cala said...

Thank you slw, I had not been by the pyromaniacs in awhile. I did enjoy the post and the dialogue that ensued.

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