Thursday, July 12, 2007

Prepare for the Overflow

"Like the cruse of oil unfailing, is His grace forever more; and His love unchanging still. And according to the promise of the Holy Ghost and fire, He will every vessel fill. He will fill your heart today to overflowing. As the Lord commandeth you, bring your vessels not a few. He will fill your hearts today to overflowing, with the Holy Ghost and fire."

I love that old song. It serves to reinforce the message of God's faithfulness. Its lyrics bring together an Old Testament miracle and a New Testament outpouring of the Spirit. The widow's oil was the sustenance of her physical life. The blessing of the Acts 2:4 experience is the vigor it gives to our spiritual life.

We can easily sympathize with her in her plight; no husband, no money, and no collateral. It comes natural to focus on the negatives. Rather than look at her lack, we should notice the fullness of her life. She had a godly home, two obedient sons, a little oil, and faith in the God of the prophet. Though she was in a vulnerable state, she was willing to listen to the man of God. She was humble and obedient. She did not try to second guess the prophet's instructions nor the methods of God.

In verse one, she revealed her need; the creditor had come. That is the first step towards receiving what we desire from the Lord. Secondly, she stated her grounds for approaching the prophet with her request; her husband had served Elisha in his service to the Lord. This (our faithfulness) will establish our privilege to ask of Him. Thirdly, she took inventory of her possessions; she had a pot of oil. We must make an honest assessment of our own condition. Fourthly, she listened to the voice of God's servant and she obeyed. Without obedience there will be no overflow in our lives. Lastly, she was willing to share her blessings with others. In this she shared testimony of the power of God.

Her sons borrowed vessels from family, friends, and neighbors. Don't you know that they were asked a lot of questions? They may have exchanged some information about the prophet and his instructions. Or maybe, they just said, "mama needs to borrow a pot or jug". Regardless of what was noised at the onset, you know the story broke when the oil was sold. And isn't it neat, how the buyers of the oil were most likely the same ones that loaned the containers? (Ahh, another lesson revealed.) When we respond to the needs of others it makes way for our needs to be met.

God wants to pour oil into our lives to meet our needs. His hands are tied if we are not willing to acknowledge our deficit. When we claim to be full, there is no room to be filled. When we intercede for others, it is like gathering empty vessels to be filled. Getting the oil for ourselves is only the beginning. Just as she had to distribute the oil in order to be satisfied, we must serve others out of the Holy Spirit within us. It is then that we will be completely fulfilled in life.

Let's not forget how the song begins: "Bring your empty earthen vessels, clean......" If the vessels aren't clean, neither will be what is poured out of them.


Anonymous said...

No. 1... when we humble ourselves and let the Lord clean us up, we feel better and more at peace with ourselves.

No.2... the Lord will move and use us in ways we never thought possible.

Obedience and commitment are good for all.

C. H. Green said...

Good afternoon sis. Just dropped by to ask you to pray for Diane. She is going through a crisis with her prodigal, Curt. I posted the prayer request over at The Wreath and assured her we would intercede. Love ya. Cindy

Diane said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment and for your prayer support. I have been so blessed by your sister, Cindy, since we first "met" online nearly two years ago. Just as amazing as the happenstance that we God's unfailing love and care for His children! He has put such wonderful blogging friends in my comfort and encourage. To celebrate pray together! Yes, He blesses us to overflowing...abundantly!

Your post today is EXCELLENT!!!! I am going to follow the 7 steps you have outlined....look for them in upcoming posts! Thank you for your faithful willingness to share God's never failing WORD with us!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support that you have given me so freely.

Can't wait to see you!!!!

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