Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dodge Ball Anyone?

Chet tagged me with the Jesus meme on the same day that I tagged 5 more folks. Time out! (smile) In the childhood game of tag, you only tagged one person at a time. A girl can't even get a regular post out, for everyone in the neighborhood wanting to play. (smile) The blogosphere park has no bounds, there are innumerable rides, and the merry-go-round never ends.

Even as a child, I would get weary of playing tag. I was a bit on the heavy side and running was not my thing. When I got tired, I would just leave the gang and hide out until I cooled off. Hide and seek was my game. Perhaps that's why I enjoy lurking around here so much. Well, I used to lurk. Now I just jump right into most any kind of conversation. If I don't like what's being said, I just surf on over to someplace else.

Surfing: Now that's a sport I never even considered. Then again, how many waves can one catch in the heart of Dixie?

Actually, I like the attention that getting tagged brings. It is the responsibility of perpetuating the game that overloads me at times. I'm a slow typist and still a novice with computer applications. Yeah, yeah the last post looked pretty good, but it took me about 4 hours. Now how many folks with full time jobs and families have that kind of time to spend on one post? Looks like I did; but that isn't the norm.

So how about some help around here. Larissa over at Living in Liberty asked a question in the comments of my last post. She wants to know more about this tagging stuff and how to do it. Does anyone have a post about "how to play tag"? If so, could you post the link in my comments for her. Or better yet, go see her and leave it in her comment box. Thanks.

P.S. We usually play horseshoes on the Fourth of July. That is if we can get the horses to part with them for a few hours. See y'all after the holiday.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

We are going to play Bocce today, which is a lot like horseshoes. Happy 4th of July!

Rosie said...

Thanks for your visit, Sista Calla...and for keeping me in your prayers. I hope you have a great 4th celebration.

stacey said...

Hi Carla! Thank you so so much for stopping by to join my fun and letting me learn about you! What a neat site you have! A friend and new reader recently said that if I wrote an inspiration blog, she would read it every day! I feel weak in that area and probably won't, but what a great site I can send her to! Plus, you have other great sites listed as well!

Take care and stop by again soon!

Anonymous said...

I have been awol for awhile.
Your site is looking good.
I am proud of you.

I best find some time, you are getting way ahead of me on this computer stuff.

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