Friday, July 13, 2007

Praise Your Way Out

Cowboy and I just got in from a revival in progress. Tonight our pastor was the guest speaker. He began with a brief re-cap of what he had preached to us on last Sunday morning. Then.......
Well, you need to know that our pastor is a bit long winded at times. He promises to preach about 15 minutes and some 60 minutes after that, he gives the altar call. At that 15 or 20 minute mark, he generally says, "I'm through preachin. Now I'm gonna talk to y'all for awhile."

The "preaching part" is usually a passage from the Old Testament and then one from the New Testament, with a bit of exposition of the texts. When he is a guest speaker somewhere, he will add the comment, "I'm just a foundational preacher, y'all." Then he proceeds with a theme or principle found in both passages.

Tonight he chose IIChronicles 20:15-28 (paying particular interest to verses 17 and 22) and Acts 16:23-26. Rather than transcribe the complete sermon or elaborate on the scriptures, I want to offer them along with the following statements he made to the crowd tonight. All of this fell under the "just talking to you now" category.

  1. Anyone can praise the Lord, even the sinner man. Psalms 150:6
  2. When the righteous praise; the captive,whether he is a sinner or a saint, will be set free.Acts 16:26
  3. Only the righteous can enter into true worship. John 4:23,24
  4. Worship will take you to another level in God. (I don't recall a reference for this one)

Basically, he elaborated on the idea of how much can be accomplished through us when we are free from sin, habits, and cares of this life. When we live a life of worship we live a victorious life. He went on to encourage us with this statement, and I quote: "The devil can't touch the anointing, he can only hinder the vessel. He can only touch the vessel, if God allows him to do so." To further back that statement, he mentioned Job. Job 1:8-12 and Job 2:3-6 . Somewhere along in here, he talked about: the joy we have in Christ, being stripped to our joy, and how the enemy can not steal our joy.

These were not all run together in the way you see here. Between each one, he gave a discourse to substantiate the point. He quoted many scriptures along the way. Too many to link here. You preachers, teachers, evangelists, and the like, understand how the Word just flows out when you are under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Giving scripture to reinforce scripture is a common practice in delivering a topical message.

I can not begin to tell you about the applications and illustrations he used in this message. For one: I experienced an information overload. (I once heard, 'the mind will only absorb what the seat can endure.') Secondly: only the mature could handle much of what he said. Thirdly: I prefer to be more concise; particularly when I have to type it all out. :-)

P.S. I will eventually get my other posts done. This stuff was just too hot to keep for myself.


e-Mom said...

Catching up here today. Loved this:

I once heard, 'the mind will only absorb what the seat can endure. So true my friend!

It sounds like you'll be mulling your pastor's message for days to come. Thanks for sharing the abridged version. Worship is such a blessing, isn't it? :~)

Diane said...

Well, girlfriend, you did so much better than I fear I would have. Anytime I hear, I'm gonna preach for 15 minutes and then takes 60 minutes and announces then he will talk to us all for awhile.....would have lost me long before my seat became sore!

I grew up in a church with a minister like that. Don't get me wrong...I understand....we shouldn't put a time limit on God's message..somehow, though, my attention span doesn't track when the message isn't more linnear and concise.

I know, I know, that says volumes about me and has very little to do with the preacher. Just wanted to let you know, in spite of your restlessness...I read and felt your passion and devoted interest! I love your heart!

And how lucky you truly are to have such a passionate who is truly ministering!


Even So... said...

I didn't read it all yet, but I had to comment when I heard your preacher goes on for an hour or more, to which I say AMEN!

Sista Cala said...

Thank you and God bless to you dear friends who have stopped by.

e-mom, I'm sure it will be foremost in my mind for a little while. We will probably get part 3 in the morning (Sunday).

Diane, you are such an encouragement to me, particularly when you comment about what you feel and read in my posts. CHG has always been the writer of the family, nice to know she didn't get all of the talent.

Even So, you must be one of those long-winded preachers. (smile). I really don't mind how long the preacher preaches as long as he is in the Book and telling it right. Must be why I enjoy your posts so much.

Sista Cala said...

On the other hand; if I can reach my destination with a map and a couple of directions, what do I need with the entire atlas?

Actually, I had a professon who routinely asked us to prepare a one hour sermon then deliver it in under 30 minutes. All the while following his particular format, which included 3 points; complete w/exposition,illustration,and application for each point.

Janet Rubin said...

writing this blog must really help you cement in your mind what you've learned. great idea. Praise. I've been having a hard time lately, and praise seems to be such an important part of healing. Doing as much as I can!

Justin said...

Sounds like an excellent teaching! Also, I wanted to thank you for your recent comment. I will be putting you on my link list! God Bless!

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