Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lazy Way Wednesday

Come see me here today. I just can't seem to finish anything these days. I have four posts in progress. Each needing that little something to make them complete. It is not just in the blogosphere that I am slacking. I have several home improvement projects that are awaiting my attention. Maybe I have adult ADHD. :>)

******News Flash**** It is 2pm and my sister there has not posted it yet.*****
Guess you'll have to shame her into giving me posting access to her place. Then it would actually be my fault if Worship Wednesday was not posted on time. :-)

Priorities: it is all about priorities. That's a post for another day.

Right now, I need to be getting my bills ready to mail. They are in a stack right beside the printer. But..... I needed to write and send a post to my sister before morning. That's how I wound up on the computer in the first place..... but.....and....but....and... Excuses abound.

Seriously, I should be posting some better material soon.

P.S. Have any of you ever gotten a bug or virus from blogger comments? Just wondering.


Even So... said...

Have any of you ever gotten a bug or virus from blogger comments?

Some spam, but not bugs, or at least I don't remember or know about any...

Anonymous said...

Haven't noticed any bugs lately.

Priorities, oh my...... I don't care much for those days when I am running in circles and getting nothing done.

This needs taken care of, and that needs done, what should I do first?--- ALL.

Love ya Granny b

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