Monday, May 28, 2007

A Warrior's Example

David: the son of Jesse, King of Israel, and man of God.

He was a young lad both sensitive and strong. His days were spent tending his father's sheep and playing upon his harp. He was chosen of the Lord to succeed Saul as king of Israel.ISamuel 16:12,13.
He was described in verse 18 of the same chapter as a cunning musician, a valiant warrior, a prudent man, and handsome to look upon. When Saul was troubled he would call upon him to play.

Recognizing his spirit of excellence, Saul soon appointed him as his personal armor bearer. I Samuel 17 is the account of David and Goliath. It was David's own testimony in verses 34-37 that earned him the right to face the giant. This engagement sealed his enlistment in Saul's army. We read in ISamuel 18:5 that David was successful in every assignment. He then advanced in rank and was entrusted with many men.

This was only the beginning for David. He would later become the King of Israel. He would eventually die and leave the throne to his son Solomon. He would be known throughout all time as a 'man after God's own heart'.

Goliath was not the only giant he encountered. In his lifetime, he faced the wrath of Saul, the treachery of his own son, and the vengeance of the Philistines. All these he overcame through his reliance on God. He even suffered the judgement of God and lived to tell about it. IChronicles 21:15,16

Our opponents come in various forms. Our battles range from brief to daily skirmishes. We fight in physical, mental, and spiritual arenas. We are warriors in every sense of the word. We may lose a battle now and then, but our victory is guaranteed in Christ. We must be like David and face our giants in the strength of the Lord. "Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies." Psalms 60:12


SLW said...

Amen, Sista C! It our title fight with the enemy of our souls, it always good to know that with Christ within us, the devil doesn't have a knockout punch.

Even So... said...

We may lose a battle now and then, but our victory is guaranteed in Christ.


Saija said...

what i've always loved about David is that he knew where to go when he sinned ... sometimes it took him awhile - but he always ran to the Lord ... who forgave and loved the repentent sinner!

Anonymous said...

I should have read this before I posted on my blog. Relying on God is much easier said than done. But that is exacting what our Lord wants us to do.

donsands said...

David loved the Lord. His psalms are the best.
And yet he was such a wicked man as well. he took a honorable man's wife, and then had him killed. He was proud beyond measure, and thousands of people died because of it. And he was not the best father to his children.

And yet Jesus loved this man, and died for him.
Jesus took his sin of adultery, murder, and pride upon His broken body, and washed David clean in His blood.
Jesus wrote David's name in the book of life, and the mercy of God was upon him his whole life.
I love to read about David in his early years as an encouragement to us all, and in his later years, we can take heed to his sins.

Very nice post. Sorry if I rambled, but next to Peter, David is my favorite person in the Bible.

Have a blessed weekend, and be encouraged in His love and grace.

Friar said...

Thanks for the comments -- and your reason about why Jesus ascended to be replaced by the Holy Spirit is a pretty good one, too. Wasn't where I was led with this particular sermon, but it's a valid point.

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