Saturday, May 5, 2007

From my Father in the Ministry

The following is a e-mail from a dear pastor, one who trained me in the ministry. He is not a blogger. He doesn't actually do much w/the internet. The message of this e-mail is pertinent to the day in which we live. I am excited about the evangelistic efforts in Nigeria and may post some testimonies from there soon.

Dear Loved Ones,
Upon receiving your letter concerning Pastor ___ and the
problems within the church there I had numerous warnings concerning a
couple within our walls. Your warning to be exact was the fourth to
point directly to the problem, I also received a direct warning from a
good Baptist Brother who sat down at my table and begin to tell about
his problem which was actually mine. I love the way the Holy Ghost tells
on people. Give them enough rope and they will certainly hang

Teacher have you ever done a bible study on
slingers in the bible, very interesting, we are living in the time of
demonic driven slingers back bitters haters of God, and His anointed
People. Always understand the closer you draw to God and His
righteousness, purity and a clean heart slingers come out of their
closet to try and destroy the anointing of the Holy Ghost, All they
have to do to accomplish their purpose is to distract us from our call.
It usually comes through envy and jealousy with much poison from their
lips. I refuse to even give them my attention, Its time for pastors and
teachers to shake off the snakes.A snake in the water makes little
ripples, but believe me he is still a snake. Snakes cause little harm if
we only remember to shake them off. Let us shake the dust off of our
feet and realize that not everybody is going to like us.

I don't preach to please man nor make friends it just never did seem to work out. I am
so tired of the weak testimonies we hear in the house of God, let us
stand and proclaim Him to be the Lord and Savior of our lives. Let us be
like Brother Paul on the road to Damascus I HEARD THE VOICE OF THE LORD!

Teacher I am hearing the voice of the Lord and he is calling his people
back to the old fashioned altar of prayer. Its time to get down to the
altar and let the power of the Holy Ghost shake our hearts and minds
with the power of His word. I say yes to the Lord and again I say yes.

God is moving, I just received a letter from a Brother we have ordained
in Nigeria, his testimony sounds like this; 1000 were saved, a dead man
was raised to life that had already been embalmed! Praise be to God! He
asked for more Bibles for his people. I will make a call for any who
would like to help send to our brother in the Lord. I hope to bring Him
for revival in the future, maybe you and____ could come spend a few
days with us. Must close this quick note, Holler back soon, We love you.


C. H. Green said...

Girl, you've been busy here in the blogworld lately. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed sometimes people can get so set in a routine and/or in their ways that they get their feathers ruffled too easy.
The focus becomes me-me-me. Not God. It sad when people you come to know up and leave.Many times because of pride.
But I believe the Lord is cleaning up his churches. And many are going to fall by the way side.

Oh by the way, My Pastor has really been on this compassion stuff for a few weeks. Finally told him I met up with you. And the name of my blog.

Godzheart said...

Such a wonderful letter. Thank you for sharing.

The Good Reporters said...

This is a really great post. Thanks for sharing it.

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