Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just a Note

Been a little busy this past week. Will resume posting here on Thursday. I write Worship Wednesday for my sister at Beneath the Ivy Wreath. Drop by there when you can. I'm sure you can find something of interest. Her blog is a mixed bag; personal reflections, daily stuff, devotionals, and updates on her novel in progress. She even has a recent post about a car that runs on waste vegetable oil.


C. H. Green said...

Hey, thanks for the plug sis. And thanks for your weekly contributions to the Wreath. We are enjoying those.

Rosie said...

Thanks so much for your visit, Sista Cala. Yes, the blackberries and biscuits sounded intriguing. Betty also does a hot blackberry dumplings that are wonderful.

HALFMOM said...

oh my goodness, backberries and biscuite and blackberry dumplings - I feel like I'm home in the South!

Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. I appreciate the encouragment.

What is your med tech area? I'm a bit medical myself - actually, sometimes I'm a bit mental too.... and what part of TN - I have cousins still there - Nashville and Murfesboro (except that I know that I just probably spelled that wrong)

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