Monday, May 21, 2007

Name that Church

Many times you can identify one's denominational affiliation by their appearance, demeanor, language, garb, or haunts. While we are to be a people set apart, that is hardly the meaning of the scripture.

As we concluded the series on the 7 churches of Asia, another church from the same locale and era came to mind. The church of Corinth with all its complexities is yet another that is mirrored by many churches today. Rather than write a complete assessment, I offer this list of characteristics with supporting scripture references.
(Guess I'll get that much needed practice w/links) :>)

Enriched of God...ICorinthians 1:5
Possessed a Christian heritage....ICorinthians 10:1-6
Keepers of ordinances...ICorinthians 11:2
Recipients of the 'Gifts of the Spirit'...ICorinthians 14:26

Contentious, envious,& fleshy... ICorinthians 1:11
Babes in Christ & carnal.. ICorinthians 3:1-3
Vain & puffed up... ICorinthians 4:6-8,18,19
Proud & adulterous..ICorinthians 5:1-6
Defrauding one another... ICorinthians 6:1-8
Offenders of the weak... ICorinthians 8:12
Abounding in heresy... ICorinthians 11:18,19
Unclean & unforgiving... ICorinthians 11:27-30
Unrighteous & sinful... ICorinthians 15:34

What else could we add? There must have been divisions among them. They needed both examples and instructions on being stewards of the "gifts".

When people look upon us they should see Jesus. When we assemble for worship and respond to God's presence, we should ascribe glory to Him and not to ourselves. I believe that is the purpose of "the love chapter" (I Cor 13) being sandwiched between the introduction of the 'gifts' (chapter 12) and the instructions for their use (chapter 14).


Heidi said...

I really like the way you did this little synopsis of Corinthians. Very effective.

Milton Stanley said...

I liked this one, SC, and linked to it this morning at TS. Peace.

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