Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Helpful Study Tools

Today I would like to share some Bible study tips. These are not original with me and may not be with the professor who taught me. His name is Dr.Leroy Bartel, at Southwestern A/G University located in Waxahachie,TX. If these are not new to you please let me know where you acquired them. Certainly if you know who to credit, put it in your comment. Thanks.

Number One: Always interpret scripture within it's context.
Number Two: Use the following guide to assess the context and applications.


As you read a passage of scripture, take note of the culture (LOCAL) of the writer and the original recipients. You may then need to use other resources to get more info. Then assess the historical data concerning the people, places, and events (TEMPORAL). Thirdly, what are the facts (DETAILS)given in the text. When you have researched these items you will be able to formulate the applications to this generation.

UNIVERSAL: What elements of the culture apply to every culture?
TIMELESS: What parts of the history affect every generation?
DETAILS: What are the parallels of the facts to modern occurences?
Then of course there is the old stand-by way to study anything. Ask the following questions: who, what, where, when,why, and how? Seems like I first heard that in grade school. They may not even teach that these days, but it is still a good method.
Study to show yourself an approved scholar in the Word that will not bring shame to the teaching profession declaring the Truth with accuracy and true conviction. IITimothy 2:15 the SC Paraphrase


Heidi said...

Hi. I am new here. This is a good post reminder for studying the Bible. I'm sure I have seen something similar before.

I see that you have linked to my blog in your sidebar. thanks! I'm not sure if you have stopped by to say hello, but please do the next time you're around.


C. H. Green said...

As always, I learn something new every time I stop by.

Delia said...

I have to second Cindy's comment.

Thanks for the Bible study tips.

Even So... said...


Godzheart said...

Dear Sista Cala, These are great tips here. Did you take lessons on how to study the Bible? You sure look like you have and you're a great blessing. We soooooo need people who will get the Word from the Word of God and not from cleverly concocted jargons.


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