Wednesday, February 7, 2007

More Preliminaries

If you have happened on this blog and you are looking for educational material, don't despair; it is on the way. I will eventually finish with my introductory remarks. If you have stopped by and you recognize me as PT2006 that is fine, just don't let CHG know about this just yet. I want to plant a few clues for her, to get her inquiring mind headed this way. She is sharp, shouldn't take her long. I know she will like this kind of suprise. In the meantime, check out the variety of flavors on my sites to savor. If you are the studious type, try out the tools of the trade. Don't forget the ministry links, they are full of all types of resources for personal or church use.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Am glad to see you take this leap PT. Wasn't so long ago you didn't want nothing to do with these computers.

Am looking forward to this site as I have been with your Wed. writings.

I know you will be a blessing to many--many people.

May God Bless
Granny B

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