Friday, February 23, 2007

Just Help Out

Part Three: For today's text Galatians 6:1-5, see part one posted on 2/23/07.

I ended part two talking about the faulty brother. After all, isn't that what most folks usually do instead of reaching out to him to bring about restoration? We attach a label on him. One that will identify his problem or sin. Indeed, if he is a part of the body of Christ, then we have in effect broadcast a weakness of the body, unwittingly casting a reflection upon ourselves. We sure don't want anyone to see our negatives, but we haven't taken the time to evaluate how our treatment of the offender will show our immaturity as a body. I believe this is how our text ties back into Galatians 5:1. We become entangled again with a yoke of bondage when we revert back to being busybodies or gossips.

Let's go back to the example of setting a broken bone. In describing the process, we have also shown the basic elements of the restoration of a brother gone astray. Initially the brother admits he is broken. This equates to the x-rays or examination. He experiences some pain and pressure as the break is exposed and re-positioned by a qualified individual. Layers of protection are added as a mentor/support group is assigned. Limitations are set as to how the brother will function in the church during the time of healing. These are temporary restrictions that will be lifted as soon as the brother is whole again. During the process, the brother will need supplemental spiritual food. Every effort must be made to eliminate any outside source of pain. Accountability to the mentor(s) is a must and requires dedicated time slots for quality communication just like the required follow-up visits to the doctor. And don't forget the doctor's note releasing the patient to go back to work. The brother should be well on the road to recovery before resuming full service in the body.

As bones are a vital part of the body, providing support and containing the marrow (the site of red blood cell manufacture), so the brother is a vital part of the body. Remember the scripture about the body having many members and each member being important. Who wouldn't rather save a limb through surgery and rehab than have it amputated? We must acknowledge the value of every member of the body. We must realize OUR NEED for each part whole or damaged. Just as we care for our physical bodies, we must care for the body of Christ. We should notice when a part is not functioning properly or is missing all together. Then do whatever it takes to bring health back to the part and thus make the whole healthy.

Lastly, I want to deal with the title of the post. Particularly, the words help and out. To help someone out is to assist them as they get somewhere besides in their current state. This means they have to be making an effort and they desire to be someplace else. If the brother has fallen and is trying to get out, the first step for us is to extend ourselves to him i.e. TOUCH him. If we can make that first effort, I am certain the Holy Spirit will guide us through the rest of the process.


ling said...

blog-hopping! glad to find another sister in the faith in the blogosphere =) keep the faith!

e-Mom said...

It sounds like you have some medical experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this passage. You have a nice long list of links. Hugs, e-Mom :~)

Godzheart said...

Amen. Recently my church back in India took back a brother and his family, who had left the flock. It is a small church and members are very few, but they are very faithful. I was so glad when I heard the news. I wish more churches could bring back the hurting. It is sad to see that most people who don't want to come back are ones who were hurt by the church.
Very nicely described post.
God Bless, keep your voice shining for our Lord. Lets get the word out.

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