Monday, December 3, 2007

Psalm of the Shepherd

Who has not heard the 23rd Psalm? The only ones who haven't heard it are the ones who have never been exposed to the Gospel at all. It is probably the most familiar text of the Bible along with John 3:16. Even the un-churched have heard the Psalm of the Shepherd. It is a staple of funerals everywhere. Often Sunday School children memorize it before they enter elementary school. It is a simple chapter, yet so profound.

It is so familiar that I often take it for granted. When attending funerals, I often join the minister and softly quote it as he reads. It is ingrained in me. Seems like I memorized it when I was only 5 or 6. Learning it by heart came through years of repeated interaction with the verses. Sometimes it seems to be an "old hat" kind of thing and other times it is the best medicine. Nothing really comforts me more than knowing The Good Shepherd will take care of me all through this treacherous journey called life. And He will be there when it is time to step over the threshold and into everlasting life with Him.

Rather than continue with my observations of the chapter, I want to link you to some sermon notes that really spoke to me. Please take time to check them out and leave a comment or two. I'm sure the pastor would be encouraged by your visit.


Diane said...

Thanks for bringing an "old favorite" to a new light! What an appropriate selection for a Timeless Text Message post.

Hope you're having a good December! We've had our first snow of the season....which was really--quite exciting. I can't believe I'm using that winters are rarely exciting...they are more frustrating...but there is something beautiful about the first snow.


Vicki said...

The older I get, the more Psalm 23 comforts me. The reality of His love and care really hits me this morning. Thanks for this post!

Blessings & hugs,

Neva said...

We so often do that, get accustomed to scriptures and then take their message for granted.
Thank you for this post and the reminder.


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