Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Flawed but Faithful

A man with many names. Remembered by the masses as the one who walked on water and sank. Remembered by others as the disciple who denied Christ 3 times in the same night. And still others recognize him as the center stage preacher of Pentecost.

Cephas/Kepha was Peter's Aramaic name meaning rock. Jesus gave him this name in John 1:42 translated into Greek as Petros.

James refered to Peter as Simeon (the Hebrew name for Simon) Acts 15:14

He was called Simon Peter in Mt. 16:16, Acts 10:18 refers to him as Simon known as Peter.

Some facts about Peter the disciple of Christ.

Historians tell us that he was crucified for the cause of Christ. Regardless of his faults and failures, he remained faithful to the end.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone talks about Peter sinking in the water; but I think they should have more praise for a man that was willing to step out onto the water, willing to blindly trust Jesus, and willing to go against common sense.

George in Texas

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