Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Information Overload

"Information is everything." I have said that so many times in the past 3 weeks that most everything has lost significance and become just information. It is a true statement, particularly related to ads. But too much information can overload the brain. At least that is true as far as my brain is concerned. Really, there are times when I think I need to just "control, alt, delete" and reboot my brain.

Enough about me. I want to share a few links for on-line Bible study resources. (This is not a paid advertisement.) I have worked with it for a day or two and I really like it. It is similar to E-Sword, yet different. Both resources can be downloaded for free or you can order the CDs.

E-Sword has many add on features. Some are free and others can be bought. I am partial to it because it offers Strong's Numbers and definitions right with the text. This link will take you to Bible Pro.com. This site boasts of 45 Bible translations, a dozen or so commentaries, daily Bible reading helps, and maps of all kinds. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Bible News is a basic sort of search link, good for any link list. It offers search by word, reference, or topic. If you have been to my sidebar, you already know about Christ Notes . I think their widget is one of the best for blogs and such. And a final link that offers a world of Christian links; CrossSearch.com.


Diane said...

THANKS for both of these links....I regularly use www.biblegateway.com and www.blueletterbible.com--have not heard of these. I definitely will check them out.

What DID we do before we had at the click of a few keys....all of these resources!

And you're right....if it is only information...it is not life-transforming!



Singing Owl said...

Thanks for these--I'll come back to check them out when I have had some sleep. :-)

Reflections said...

I do enjoy your blog. Thank you so much for all that you post. Merry Christmas and May God bless you. (I will try the Fudge!)

Sista Cala said...

thank you for stopping by and Merry Christmas.

P.S. reflections: I couldn't get your link to work to visit you.

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