Sunday, October 14, 2007

Friday Night Honey

"Jesus was not sent to Earth to do miracles. He was sent here to die on the cross when His season arrived." This was the opening statement by Dr. Yvonne Capehart of Sister Keeper International Ministries. She entitled the message, "Increased Strength" and used Luke 22:40-46 for her text.

As with my previous post, I'll just sketch out a few of her points and leave the rest for you to study on your own. Always evaluate the message in the light of what the Bible says and seek the Lord for clear understanding.

Jesus had his friends to go with him to the garden. He asked them to watch and pray. He knew his death would be soon, but did not want satan to kill him before the appointed time.

Peter, James, and John were not to feel sorry for Christ in his trials. They were to support him as he went through them. They were to pray for him to be strengthened. The process that led Christ to the garden had taken his strength.

When you are facing a difficult assignment you need to surround yourself with those who know your assignment and will encourage you as you fulfill it. You do not need assistants who are jealous of your assignment. You need folks who are watching out for your soul. Those who will be wary of any opposition and be ready to protect you at any cost.

When you begin to reach souls for the Kingdom, the devil seeks to destroy you before they can be birthed. He does not necessarily attack your faith, but he will rob your strength. My pastor has put it this way, "The devil can't destroy the Word that is in you, but he can hinder you (the vessel) as you carry the Word."

She said, "Faith is what you need to believe in what God says about your life. But strength is what you need to resist what the enemy wants to do against what God is doing in your life."

She mentioned II Kings 19:1-3 as an additional reference about how the enemy wants to prevent new life from coming forth.

Dr. Capehart challenged us to guard the Word that is within us and to go forth in our assignments.

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