Wednesday, August 22, 2007

LCF & My Spiritual Father

Just a little background info related to my 08/10/07 post about the awesome conference I attended in NM. You may remember back in May I posted an e-mail from my father in the ministry. His name is Earl McQuitty and he is the senior pastor of Liberty Christian Fellowship. He is also the vice president of Vision Ministries which is headed by Pastor Wilford Carrasco.

It was springtime 1991. I had just moved to Colorado as a newly wedded transplant from TN. We were looking for a church home. After shopping* around a bit my husband suggested ____ in Aztec, NM. I don't remember the date, but I recall the experience. It was on a Sunday morning and we had arrived for morning worship service. As we crossed the threshold I felt the Presence of God and knew we had found home.

We were welcomed with smiles and hugs. The music was the old-time Pentecostal kind that I had enjoyed all my life. Pastor McQuitty preached the Truth with anointing and fire. We were invited back for the evening service. The only problem was that we lived 60 miles away.

Sister McQuitty said we could stay in the evangelist's quarters for the afternoon if we wanted to stay close until the evening service. We did and that was the beginning of a relationship that has grown dearer as the years have gone by.

We relocated to Aztec and found jobs locally. It wasn't very long before Pastor had put us to work in the church. He recognized God's call on our lives and began to train us in the ministry. Rather than try to sum it up in a post, I'll just list a few events to bring the story current.

  • At some point we needed a larger facility and another church needed some folks. We moved to Farmington, NM and merged with another local church.

  • This actually happened twice in the 9 years I served under Pastor McQuitty.

  • In 1999, my hubby and I moved back to TN. God allowed us to have almost 2 years with my mother before He called her home.

  • Every time we have visited w/Pastor, he has offered to bring his truck and trailer to TN. In other words, help us move back to NM.

  • He now pastors Liberty Christian Fellowship. He has several ministers on staff as well as a full compliment of teachers, musicians, and singers. He continues to train and equip leaders for today and for the future.
  • LCF serves as a mother church to a growing number of churches in Nigeria; where souls are being saved daily and miracles happen every service.

Please remember Pastor McQuitty in your prayers. He has chronic back and foot pain that often hinders his pace. If I have any one earthly person to credit with success in ministry, it is Pastor Earl D. McQuitty.

* shopping is not the same as church hopping. Shoppers have their roots in the Lord and want a place to serve. Hoppers have little roots of any sort.


SLW said...

Enjoyed that post. It's nice to see folk honor those whom God used to raise them up.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Lovely story.

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