Sunday, September 16, 2007

Seasons: David

This is a somewhat abbreviated sketch of David's life. For additional info see or read everything between II Samuel chapter 16 and I Kings chapter 2. The on-line Jewish Encyclopedia is another great resource.

Personal seasons are easily seen throughout this list. Spiritual seasons are there but can be augmented by the Psalms of David. Please pardon the lack of scripture links. I figure the majority of this info is familiar to most. Only the references in Psalms are linked for you. For placement of the Psalms in the life of David, I used "The Chronological Bible" by Regal Publishers copyright 1977. For other references, use the Bible search link in my sidebar.

1. A man after God’s own heart I Samuel 13:14
2. Youngest of the 8 sons of Jesse I Samuel 16:10,11
3. Courageous shepherd I Samuel 17:34-36
4. Handsome I Samuel 16:12
5. Anointed to be king by Samuel the prophet I Samuel 16:12,13 Psalm 19 Psalm 8
6. Served as musician for King Saul I Samuel 16:14-23
7. Returned to his father’s house I 17:15
8. Became the champion of Israel by slaying Goliath I Samuel 17:25-53 Psalm 23
9. Admired by Jonathan, despised by King Saul I Samuel 18:1-9
10. Lived as a fugitive I Samuel 19 Psalm 59 Psalm 25
11. Displayed respect for the King in sparing his life I Samuel 24:1-15 Psalm 57 Psalm 108
and I Samuel 26:1-20 possible location of Psalm 7
12. Reigned as King of Judah in Hebron II Samuel 5:1-5
13. Became King of all of Israel II Samuel 5:3
14. Captured Jerusalem and made it the capitol city II Samuel 5:7 Psalm 118
15. God was with him and increased his territory II Samuel 5:10 I Chronicles 11:9
16. He took wives and concubines in II Samuel 5:13
17. Brought the ark to Jerusalem II Samuel 6:1-11 I Chronicles 15:1-29
18. Spurned by his wife Michal II Samuel 6:20-23
19. Enlarged the kingdom and won military victories II Samuel chs 8 &10
20. Committed adultery w/Bathsheba & had Uriah killed II Samuel chs 11 & 12
21. Rebuked by the prophet Nathan II Samuel chapter 12
22. Repented of his sins: Psalm 51 Psalm 32
23. Scorned by his son Absalom II Samuel chapters 15-18
24. Made preparations for building the temple I Chronicles 22:5,14
and I Chronicles 29:2
25. Forbidden to build the temple I Chronicles 28:3 Psalm 145
26. Appointed Solomon as his successor I Kings 1: 11-39
27. Charged Solomon regarding the kingdom and the temple I Kings 2:1-9
28. Died I Chronicles 29:26-28

When you read the accounts in the books of I and II Samuel, I Kings, and I Chronicles you get the facts of his circumstances. When you read the associated Psalms you can feel what he was feeling at the time. You can see the emotions including tears and rants. The Psalms reveal his spiritual condition and his faith in God. These are some of the recorded seasons of David's life.


SLW said...

Very nicely done!

Milton Stanley said...

I'm actually teaching David's life in Sunday school right now and am printing out your post for the class. Thanks.

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