Friday, June 8, 2007

Work Him In

I want to thank you all for your prayers and words of comfort during the time of our loss. I use that expression simply because it is the common way to say it. Truly we have not lost Paw, we know just where to find him and how to get there.

When Pastor Hughes(my grandparents' pastor) asked if we had any scripture preferences for the funeral service, we just told him to say whatever God gave him to say. My grandmother told him to keep it short and sweet. I said, "preach a salvation message. There will be some unsaved folks there that never hear the Word." He said, " I always work that in some where."

There are many other truths that can and must be preached, but there is one that is absolutely necessary for salvation. Preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified. My friend Milton has an excellent post on this subject. Preaching Jesus cuts through legalism as well as fanaticism. We need to teach and preach the Word in every situation.

There is always a way to work Him into your conversations. Practice it at home in every day talk with your family and friends. It will become second nature. Be prepared to be mocked. The carnal man does not understand the spiritual. Rest assured the Word will bring conviction. Hearing the Word will bring people to a place of salvation by faith.


Milton Stanley said...

Amen. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and for your kind words on MDD. Peace.

SLW said...

Excellent advice for all.

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