Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When Will I See You?

One evening last week, CWGIII called me. He said, "when am I going to see you?" My heart just melted. I was disappointed that I was at work and couldn't go at that very moment. I assured him that his uncle and I would be up for a visit as soon as possible.

Sunday after church we made the 60 mile trek to Paris. We even did the drive through thing for lunch. I knew my golden boy would waiting. Notice I didn't say patiently waiting. He always greets me with a list of stuff to do while I am there. I cherish the time we have together.

The first thing we did; he rode the skateboard and I watched. He likes sports but he needs to work on his balance skills. Instead of skating standing up, he rode the board sitting down. I tried to help him ride it the right way, but that was too restrictive for him. Soon we were both sweaty and winded so we went inside to cool off.

Then he showed me an effortless and painless way to skate. He had a new game for his Xbox. We designed our own skating park. We gave the skater and his board a new look. Then his hands began a frenzy of motion. His hands seem to be more coordinated than his legs. I patted his back and played with his hair all the while he worked the controls. That's how we played.

You see, it wasn't what we did that was important. It was that we did it together. I know he would love to wrestle the way we used to when he was smaller. He would be overjoyed if I lived close by and could play everyday. I would be too. But things change as we age. Quality becomes more important than quality. He may not know that now, but he will in time.

Sometimes I hear God saying, "when am I going to see you?" He knows all and sees all, but His desire is to fellowship with me. He has things He wants to tell me. He wants to hear my prayers. My time with Him is sometimes limited by circumstances. Yet I know that I find time for those who are important to me. If I only have a few minutes, they need to be quality minutes. He does not require a certain quantity of time, just my whole life. I must give Him quality time.

When will I see Him? When He comes for His bride. I want to be ready. How about you?

Originally posted at Beneath The Ivy Wreath.

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